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The international forum «DORKOMEXPO-2010» was held in April, 26-29, 2010 in Moscow, in the Gostiniy Dvor Complex and on the Vasilevsky Slope, with the support of the Plenipotentiary of the Russian President G. Poltavchenko, the Government of Moscow, Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor), Federal Agency of Special Construction (Spetsstroy), 11 branch associations and unions.
The first deputy of the Moscow mayor V. Resin headed the opening ceremony on the 26 of April, he noted in his speech that “In the course of the years of dynamic development the Forum turned into a large-scale exhibition, scientific and business project that demonstrates the latest achievements in the sphere of roads and bridges, engineer construction and complex city municipal improvement”. Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council O. Talkative, deputy of the Moscow City Duma I. Novitskii, General Director of Spetsstroy of Russia N. Abroskin, General Director of “Interregional union of road builders “Soyuzdorstroy” L. Khvoinskiy, General Director of the Association RADOR L. Starygin, Head Receptionist of the Intergovernmental council of road builders from CIS-countries B. Karimov, heads and specialists from enterprises and organizations, foreign visitors.
3 specialized exhibitions (“Housing services and utilities and construction”, “Road and bridge , engineer construction”, “Road, communal and special machinery”), as well as the conference “Betterment and perspectives of development of road transport infrastructure in Russian regions” of a long standing partner of the Forum – Russian association of territorial executive road agencies were held within the framework of the Forum.
The wide range of production and services for construction, repair and maintenance of highways and engineer construction, and for municipal improvement, was presented at the Forum. 187 enterprises and organizations took part in the Forum. Progressive technologies for road construction were represented by Rosavtodor and Spetsstroy, as well as by “Cosmos”, SUE “Mosinjproekt”, JSC “Institute Giprostroymost”, JSC “Irkutsgiprodornii”, CJSC “Peterburg-Dorservis”, LLC “Kinosarg”, JSC “Mostootryad № 19”, LLC “Stroyproekt” and creators of informational technologies for road economy – LLC “MKK-GRUPP”, “M2M telematic”.
Such companies as Akzo Nobel, BAV, Techprogress, Unikom, Chrisotop, Biltex, and Tenser International demonstrated new materials for construction and repair of highways and aerodrome coverings. Machinery and equipment for construction, repair and maintenance of automobile roads, bridges and other engineer constructions were demonstrated by such leading enterprises and suppliers as CJSC “Kominvest-AKMT”, Merkator Holding, LLC “Boschung-Rus”, LLC “AstrA-Techno”, Arzamas plant of communal machinery, VNIIstroydormash, Plant KDM n.a. Kalinin, Zubcov machine-building center, NPK “Uralvagonzavod”, NPF Bastion, TH “Rastom”, Saratov machine-building plant “Elevatormelmash”, GK “Spetsmachines”, LLC “Baumash” and others. Equipment for collection, transportation, utilization of wastes and construction wastes were presented by such companies as Iatec, NPK “Communal machines”, Mcensk plant of communal machinery, Ryajsk auto-repair factory, GK “Ecomtech”, JSC “Dubrovici”.
New developments and samples of production were demonstrated by Byelorussian companies: machinery and equipment – Minsk tractor factory, Mozir machinery-building plant, Smorgonsk aggregate plant, Euromash factory, Amkodor-Center (official distributor JSC “Amkodor”); mechanical equipment - RUP «Dorstroyindustria», nonwoven fabric JSC “Mogilevchimvolokno”. Machinery for maintenance of block territories and landscape zones was demonstrated by Russian producers and suppliers (Lipetsk plant of small-size communal machinery, companies Iatec and Profpark), and by foreign, as well (stand of French machine-building syndicate CONQUEST). Technical means for traffic management, barriers, lighting equipment were represented by such famous producers, as Domodedov factory steel constructions “Metako”, CJSC “Ujuralavtoban”, “Steelconstruction”, LLC “Zashita plus”, LLC Enterprise “PIK”, “Svetoservis”. Systems of deicing conditioning, deicing materials – Vaisala Oyj, JSC “Moscow roads”, LLC “Zirax”. As well. The Forum represented the companies that produce and transport equipment for engineer networks, municipal improvement, and engineer systems of buildings.
The display area contained nearly 11 000 sq. m.
The business and scientific program, apart from conferences, included the seminar-presentation by “Byelorussian road construction, communal and passenger machines”, which was conducted by the Embassy of the Republic Belarus in Russia and cooperative council of work groups of an Intergovernmental board of road builders (from CIS). Finnish company “Vaisala” – a world leader in production and supply of meteorological systems and equipment – held the seminar for road branch specialists and represented contact less and contact sensors of own production, as well as new road meteosystem Vaisala Guardian. The seminar with a topic : ”Nowadays state and perspective of use of satellite navigation for control under transport work in the complex of housing services and utilities” was conducted by “M2M telematic”, the leading Russian holding, that joins creators, producers, system integrators and suppliers of accomplished solutions and services on the market of transport telematics and satellite navigation.
The exposition of the Forum “Dorkomexpo” and events of scientific and business program were visited by 4890 specialists of road and bridge economy, complex of housing services and utilities, construction branch, road and communal machine-building from 37 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Moldavia, Uzbekistan.

The following international Forum “Dorkomexpo” will be held in April, 11-14, 2011.