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International forum of road construction and maintenance «DORKOMEXPO-2012» was held on 17-20, April, 2012, in Moscow, in the Gostiniy Dvor Complex and on the Vasilevsky Slope with the support of the State Duma, Moscow state Duma, Government of Moscow, Ministry of Transport, Federal road agency (Rosavtodor), «State transport leasing company», JSC, branch associations and unions.

Organizers of the forum are:
- NO «Union of producers of road and transport machinery»
- LLC «Ecological technologies».

Sponsor of the forum:
- LLC «KB «Profit Bank»

Over a number of years «DORKOMEXPO» has been a significant event in the road branch, successful business-point for demonstration of new technologies, materials, equipment and machinery for construction, repair and maintenance of highways, road and transport constructions and redevelopment points.
The forum carries out the following aims:
- contributes to promotion of national and foreign producers, suppliers-participants of the forum to the Russian market, increasing of customer’s demand and sales demonstrating the wide range of items which are collected in single exhibition space;
- contributes to orders placement of innovative technologies and equipment which are necessary for road branch developing in Russia;
- creates effective conditions for professional communication between leaders of companies, specialists of the branch.
Three specialized exhibitions were presented within the framework of «DORKOMEXPO-2012»:
- Road and bridge, engineering construction;
- Road, communal and special machinery;
- Improvement of areas and street design.
Specialized exhibition «City passenger transport - CityTransExpo» was held simultaneously with «DORKOMEXPO-2012».
The exposition space in Gostiniy Dvor and on the Vasilevsky Slope counted more than 13,000 sq.m. For the first time the exhibition presented such companies as CAMEA, SPOL (Czech Republic), CANGINIBENNES Srl., KANDJNIBENNES SRL, NERON PUMPS SRL and SIMEX SRL (Italy), WORLD ACOUSTIC GROUP S.A. and ROYAL EUROPA SP. Z.O.O (Poland) FIDES GROUP (Turkey), COLOR S.I.M. (Ukraine) MAHINA TST and KOMDOR (Byelorussia) NP VMP, NPO COMPLEX ENGINEERING SYSTEMS, NP «SOUZDORENERGO», CHETRA – ROAD MACHINERY (Russia). Several branch Departments of the Moscow city actively took part in the exhibition.
Stands in Gostiniy Dvor presented progressive technologies of road construction and maintenance of road and transport objects, wide range of natural, polymer materials, chemicals for asphalt concrete, constructions for objects of road and transport infrastructure, traffic management facilities, automated traffic stream management systems, materials and equipment for road marking, lighting equipment.
Gostiniy Dvor and Vasilevsky Slope expositions were especially rich in road and communal machines of Russian and foreign production. Garden and park machinery was traditionally demonstrated on the stand of French Belgium machinery syndicate «CONQUEST» which joins 7 enterprises producing equipment for cutting grass, professional blenders of wood waste, vacuum cleaning machines, equipment for sand dispensing, dispensing of de-icing liquids. In whole, samples of machinery and equipment were presented by more than 60 companies.
The major event of the business and scientific program was the practical conference «Modern machinery for modern technologies» which was held on 18, 19 April by Federal road agency (Rosavtodor) and JSC «State transport leasing company», with the support of the State Duma Committee of transport, Chamber of trade, Union of transport leaders and Union of producers of road construction machinery.
On the first day of the conference work leaders of road enterprises examined innovative samples of machinery and equipment which were presented on the Vasilevsky Slope. Demonstration runs were carried out on different highway (M-9 «Baltia») parts in order to experience the quality of demonstrated machinery. The second part of the conference, held the following day, in Gostiniy Dvor was devoted to the problem of implementation of new machinery into road complex of the country.
The result of past conversations will be package of proposals on implementation of up-to-date technologies into road construction and maintenance, which will be send into federal and regional departments of legislative and executive branches, directors of road and machinery enterprises.
Business and scientific program of the forum also included the seminar «Practical aspects of energetic research of road and transport enterprises» (the organizer – «SouzDorEnergo»); the seminar «Modern solutions in engineering, construction and maintenance of bridges» was conducted by A. Jurbin (Saint-Petersburg), the director general of «Institute «Stroyproekt»; the seminar «Horizontal road marking – modern requirements and new solutions», the organization is «Dorkontrol».
Meetings of members of association «Nedra» and Union of producers of road building machinery were held within the framework of the forum several times. The round-table discussion of the Moscow transport union «Advantages and perspectives of city passenger transport development» was held within the framework of exhibition «CityTransExpo».
The exposition and seminars were visited by more than 5990 specialists of such spheres as road and bridge establishment, housing services and utilities, construction, road and communal machinery from 38 regions of Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, France, Italy, Turkey and Denmark. More than 65 % of visitors were leaders of federal and regional ministries, deputies, directors of enterprises and organizations.
The Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin, the Chairman of the State Duma committee E. Moskvichev, the Chairman of commission of the Moscow State Duma on the city economy and housing policy S. Orlov, the deputy of the Moscow State Duma I. Novitsky, the head of Department of city construction policy S. Levkin, the head of Department of transport and development of road and transport infrastructure M. Lixutov, the vice-president of the Chamber of trade V. Strashko and other officials sent greetings to guests and participants of the forum.
It is important to mention increased dynamics of sales and business contacts on «DORKOMEXPO-2013», this shows a rapid developing of road branch in Russia.
Next scheduled, XVI international forum «DORKOMEXPO-2013» will be held 16 - 19 April, 2013, in the Complex Gostiniy Dvor and on the Vasilevsky Slope.