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The international forum of road construction and maintenance was held in April 16 – 19, 2013 in Moscow, Gostiniy Dvor Complex and Vasil’yevskiy slope under support of the State Duma, Moscow Government, the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport, Trade and Industry Ministry of the Russian Federation, with the participation of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor), industry associations and unions. The machinery and equipment exposition was arranged at the Vasil’yevskiy slope according to the order of the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin (order № Пр-2656, October 11, 2012).

Forum organizers:
- “Union of the road construction machinery manufacturers”
- “Ecological technologies”, LLC.

Forum sponsor:
“Profit Bank”, JSC

During many years “DORKOMEXPO” is a significant event in the road industry, successful business area for demonstration of the new materials, equipment and machinery for road construction and maintenance.

The forum fulfils the following tasks:
- helps to promote native and foreign manufacturers and distributors, the exhibitors of the forum, to the Russian market, helps to increase purchase requirement;
- helps to form an “order” for new technologies development which are necessary for the road industry of the country;
- creates an effective platform for communication of the professionals, business strengthening, signing mutually beneficial contracts.

Within the frameworks of the “DORKOMEXPO-2013” forum the following expositions were formed:
- Road and construction machinery; road and operation machinery
- Municipal machinery and equipment;
- Road construction and maintenance.

Simultaneously with the “DORKOMEXPO” forum the exhibitions “CityTransExpo” and “SafetyRoadsExpo” were held.
More than 219 companies at more than 13 500 sq. m exhibited at the Gostiniy Dvor complex and Vasil’yevskiy slope. Native and foreign machinery and equipment for road construction and municipal economy services were traditionally widely represented. 24 Russian manufacturers demonstrated native road construction and operation machinery, more than 20 manufacturers and distributors exhibited foreign equipment.
Progressive road construction technologies and road and transport maintenance objects, wide range of natural and polymeric materials, chemical compounds for asphalt concrete, constructions for road and transport infrastructure were presented at the Gostiniy Dvor complex.

The main events of the scientific and business program were the interregional conference “Modern technologies in construction and maintenance of the road and transport infrastructure objects” (the organizer of the conference was “ROSDORNII”) and “Native machinery construction to the Russian transport infrastructure (the organizer was SPETSAVTOPROM). Both conferences were held on April 18. 2013.
Deputy of the chairman of Moscow region government A.P.Nasonov, deputy director of the Public Policy Department in the sphere of road economy of the Transport Ministry of the Russian Federation S.A.Sobolev, deputy minister – director of the road economy of Tula region S.E. Morozov, deputy director of the projecting department, technical policy and innovations S.K. Iliopolov, the leading experts of the manufacturing companies, representatives from more than 150 road industry companies from 41 regions took part in the conference of ROSDORNII.
The first deputy of the State Duma Committee chairman V.K.Gartung, deputy of the chairman of Moscow region government A.P.Nasonov, the leaders of SPETSAVTOPROM and the “Manufacturers union of the road construction machinery” S.V.Trifonov, U.A.Shemchishin, A.V.Milko, representatives of the road and municipal economy services took part at the “Native machinery construction to the Russian transport infrastructure” conference. Suggestions for government stimulation for scientific and technical development in road construction, aerodrome machinery and equipment, stimulation for Russian manufacturers support after joining the International Trade Organization which opened the Russian market for low-quality, used machinery were discussed at the conference.

Within the frameworks of the forum “Nedra” Association members meeting was held.
More 6912 road, municipal economy, transport industry experts from more than 46 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, USA visited the “DORKOMEXPO” forum exposition and business program. “DORKOMEXPO” forum exposition and business program.
Greeting words to the exhibitors and visitors of the forum were sent by the Moscow mayor S.S. Sobyanin, the chairman of the State Duma transport committee E.S. Moskvichev, deputy of the chairman of Moscow region government A.P.Nasonov, the head of Moscow city panning policy Department S.I. Levkin and other authorities.
The next, XVII international forum “DORKOMEXPO-2014” will be held in April 15 – 18, 2014 at the Gostiniy Dvor Complex and Vasil’yevskiy slope.