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We are inviting you to visit the exposition and the scientific-business program of the annual international forum “DORKOMEXPO”.

«DORKOMEXPO» is an authoritative professional event, its exposition represents up-to-date developments and production for construction and maintenance of the road-transport infrastructure in a complex way.

«DORKOMEXPO» gives an opportunity to:

  • have a look at the new developments and products of the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers;
  • conclude agreements or make the letters of intent concerning supply of the products represented at the forum`s exposition;
  • familiarize oneself with the products of competitors;
  • take part in the scientific-business program, get to know the opinion of experts and representatives of the state bodies on various problems of the road branch development, maintenance of territories, road-construction and communal machinery, development perspectives of the public transport.

Sections of thematical expositions:

  • Road and transport Construction and Improverment;
  • Road Construction and Communal Machinery and Equipment.

Simultaneously with the forum we will hold the exhibition and the conference on the road traffic safety«SafetyRoadsExpo».


  • Self-regulated organization Non-commercial partnership of “Producers of wheeled vehicles, self-propelled machinery and road-construction equipment SPETSAVTOPROM”;
  • Intergovernmental Council of Roads (MSD)

Attendance of exposition and events is free of charge, registration is obligatory.