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Intergovernmental board of road builders from the CIS countries will participate in the exhibition

Intergovernmental board of road builders (MSD) (founded in 1992 as the Interstate Council of Roads leading back to the Soviet era). In 1980, Prime Minister A.N. Kosygin signed the decision to establish a Coordinating Council of Roads. In 1998 the Council of Roads was given Intergovernmental status.

The MSD assists in the cooperation and expansion of mutually beneficial relations between road administrations that are members of MSD in the field of design, construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads and road structures; develops concepts of scientific and technological policies in the road sector; including the field of environmental protection and road safety.

During its existence, the Council has acquired the status of one of the most important platforms for the exchange of experience on a wide range of road sector problems of the CIS and overseas countries.

The goal of MSD - to promote and improve the network of public roads , creating conditions for a better use of the industrial , scientific and technical potential of road organizations that are participants of CIS; to support governments in carrying out agreed road policies and to expand integration processes; to improve employee training.

Currently, 64 large industrial organizations, associations, research and design organizations of the CIS and foreign countries (England, Germany, Israel, Iran, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, Turkey) are MSD associate members.