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To the exhibitors and guests
of the International Road Forum

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of Union of Manufacturers of Road Construction and Communal Machinery I welcome participants and guests on the international forum of Road construction and maintenance “Dorkomexpo”!
The sphere of road construction and municipal improvement is experiencing large-scale changes nowadays; literally, all processes of social and economic development of Russia depend on quality of reforms carried in this sphere. Construction of automobile roads is gathering pace, resources of existing road transport network necessitate more effective use of production potential of enterprises of the Union for double-quick replacement of obsolete machinery park onto modern machines and equipment, that would give an opportunity to enhance the quality of construction, road and communal works, reduce financial and energetic costs, and also would improve ecological situation on highways, in cities and towns. Works on production betterment, highly experienced technical employee recruitment will enable the enterprises of the Union not only to modernize production models, but also produce competitive innovative machinery. Machinery and equipment of the Forum exposition demonstrate increased potential of enterprises of the Union. The main goal of machinery manufacturers is contribution to promotion of up-to-date and investment projects into construction, road and communal economy of Russia.
Forum “Dorkomexpo” is a large-scale event which will be a good point of experience sharing, business connections improvement, and results of business communication will contribute to machinery branch development.
I wish to participants, visitors and organizers of the Forum “Dorkomexpo” effective collaboration, materialization of planned and prosperity.

Vice-president of
Union of Manufacturers of Road Construction
and Communal Machinery U. Shemchishin

To exhibitors
of the International Road Forum

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the self-regulatory organization of Non-commercial partnership “Interregional union of the road builders “SOYUZDORSTROY” I welcome the exhibitors of the International forum for road construction and maintenance “DORKOMEXPO”.
Extended exposition, placed according to traditions by the walls of the Kremlin on the Vasilievskiy slope and at the expocenter “Gostiniy Dvor”, will demonstrate once again not only achievements, but also high governmental significance of the road and transport branch of Russia.
During 15 years of functioning the annual exhibition-forum “DORKOMEXPO” became conventional and highly efficient ground for discussing technical, construction and technological issues, which arise among road builders, transport workers, producers of machinery and equipment. It introduces to participants and visitors up-to-date achievements in the field of road and communal machinery development, new technologies in the whole work complex, connected with reconstruction, repair and maintenance of motorways, roads and transport engineer constructions, production of building materials and metal constructions.
The exhibition-forum “DORKOMEXPO” has become one of the most effective areas for professional communication, experience exchange, strengthening and development of business connections and signing of mutually beneficial contracts. It helps to get acquainted with the wide range of enterprises working in road and transport sector including those who provide working professionalism, quality and safety, united to the self-regulatory organizations.
I wish to the forum participant’s friendly and effective work and beneficial contacts for the welfare of the road and transport sector.

Chairman of Transport Construction Committee
Of the National Builders’ Union,
General Director

To the participants of the
XVI International Road Forum

Dear colleagues!

I welcome you on behalf of the manufacturers and consumers of natural construction materials “Nedra” within the frames of such a large-scale event.
«DORKOMEXPO» has become the event of international format which greatly influences development of the road branch of Russia.
The production presented by national and foreign companies contributes to successful experience exchange and promotion of products onto the Russian market. This all undoubtedly contributes to concluding new contracts and increasing of demand for the production.
Traditionally the leaders and professionals participate in the forum to discuss the problems of the roads`, bridges` and engineering constructions` sector.
In conclusion I would like to wish you mutually beneficial work, vivid discussions and useful business contacts.

President of the
“Nedra” Association A. A. Zhuravlyov