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To participants of the forum “Dorkomexpo”,
conference and exhibition «Safety roads»

On behalf of the State Duma Committee on transport I greet participants of the International forum of road construction and maintenance “DORKOMEXPO”, conference and exhibition “Safety Roads Expo”! Modernization of road and transport infrastructure of the country determines development perspectives of the transport branch and in large measure social and economic progress of Russia. Safety of transportations depends on condition of automobile roads. In recent years several documents were accepted, they include aims of forming single road network and stable functioning of he country`s roads, among them are: sub-program “Automobile roads” of the federal targeted program “Development of the Russian transport system (2010-2015)”, “Transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030”, accepted concept of the federal target program “Safety improving of the road traffic in 2013-2020”.
In the present time deputies of the State Duma are in the process of considering legislative initiatives, aimed at further development of the roads` network. In 2011 was established the Federal road fund, in 2012 were launched regional funds, thus was laid the basis of sustainable system of road financing.
I express confidence that the forum “DORKOMEXPO” and the exhibition “Safety roads” will become grounds for experience exchange, developing of new approach for creation of modern road infrastructure which will correspond to large-scale aims which face the country in the branch of economical and social development.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee
on transport E. Moskvichev